The CeRIIS produces the following scientific outputs:

  • A periodic report about the “state of the art” of social innovation in Italy which also makes a comparison with international experiences;
  • Papers to submit in leading international scientific journals about ​​social innovation, sustainable development, business ethics, etc.;
  • Studies and research reports on specific topics commissioned by third parties;
  • Case studies for undergraduate, post graduate and executives interested in the social innovation field.

The matured expertise can be applied to several sectors: Cultural Heritage, Sustainable tourism, Health and social work, Professional training, Real estate and infrastructure.

Active participation in social innovation projects

Together with other public and private entities, the CeRIIS promotes and participates to social innovation projects and environmental responsibility initiatives; specifically, its contribution consists in bringing the experience acquired through the research activity within a project and in encouraging the sharing of this experience among the other actors involved. The CeRIIS elaborates projects about social innovation and sustainable development on behalf of institutions, firms and non-profit organizations. It directly participates in scientific committees that address the sustainability policies of large institutions; this participation also includes the provision of technical support in the activities performed by the institutions.

 Scientific Divulgation

The CeRIIS is engaged in disseminating knowledge and best practices in the field of social innovation and of sustainability policies. To this end, it organizes international forums, as well as workshops and seminars. It also promotes the interaction and the exchange of opinions among the actors of the community through the use of “social” tools of communication.

Scientific consulting

The Center of Research supports institutions, firms and nonprofit organizations to realize appropriate activities in order to pursue sustainability policies. This activity can be exerted by CeRIIS participating, also with different partners, to public tenders. The participation to public tenders includes the provision of consulting and scientific guidelines to the other actors. The consulting activity is mainly focused on:

  • Innovative business models for companies who want to meet social needs;
  • Development of professional skills in management of social innovation;
  • New models of marketing for the satisfaction of the social demand;
  • Support to different Organizations, at the national and local level, in the formulation of their policies and related operational programs about social innovation and sustainable development;
  • Support to the startup phase of incubators/accelerators of social enterprises;
  • Support to medium and large Italian companies in the formulation of sustainability strategies during their process of internationalization;
  • Support to family foundations in the development of initiatives of corporate Philanthropy.