The CeRIIS represents a component of a larger system existent within the LUISS University: The Hub for Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERShub) which also includes a research team focused on social entrepreneurship, another group of researchers investigating responsible consumption, and a team working on Integrated Reporting. ERShub develops research, expertise and teaching with a focus on ethics, for example in the way managers lead their enterprise, on the responsible attitude to be build towards stakeholders and on sustainable ways to manage resources and set long-run objectives. ERShub develops laboratories at the LUISS Business School and the Department of Business and Management with the aim of exposing students to real problems related to ERS and challenge them to create innovative solutions.


ItaliaCamp promotes and supports Social Innovation (SI) and the development of new ideas as answers to real needs. Its purpose is to fill the gap between ideas and their implementation. To  date, ItaliaCamp has stimulated an unprecedented process of social innovation in Italy by involving institutions, enterprises, universities and citizens in gathering and implementing innovative ideas for the socio-economic development of the country.